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PERLISTEN™ asks 'R you ready?'

"I was quickly blown away. PERLISTEN's R-Series takes much of what makes its flagship lineup so impressive, and just dials it down a bit to keep your bank manager sweet. The similarities between the two, across styling, technology and performance, are striking. Performance here isn't 'half as good', more 'almost as good', particularly with the system used in a moderate-sized room."

PERLISTEN™ asks ‘R you ready?’

Top Gun: Maverick (4K BD) opens with Harold Faltermeyer’s iconic score and it sounded deliciously rich, the low synths a honeyish presence, treble details succinct. The bookshelf surrounds pump out the synths too – and here the sub sounds musical, with buoyant, sweet bass. Skip to Maverick’s Mach 9 test, where we start in an echoey aircraft hangar before heading out on the runway. The balance between music and Foley and dialogue is superb, as PERLISTEN’s speakers seem to favour neither one nor the other. Then we’re up there with Tom Cruise, flying at a billion miles per hour in the twilight, the subwoofer quietly rumbling and the soundstage large and spacious. It was an emotional AV experience. Talk to me Goose. Can you lend us £19,300?

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