The story

PERLISTEN is the story of a few discerning audiophiles with the same passion, who started a company with some of the best talent in the industry and tons of industry awards to prove it. Chances are you have heard some of our award winning products and loved them.

Now we create a whole new listening concept… Perceptual Listening. No matter what your taste in music, recording style, or media room we will elevate your passion for listening to the music you love. PERLISTEN speakers and subwoofers are the ultimate in listening performance.

They are made to the highest level of industry standards. A level never reached by anyone until now.

You are an audiophile. Feed your passion for listening.

Listen to the best… Listen to PERLISTEN.

The team


25+yrs experience working in the HiFi industry. Dan gained his initial experience working in the corporate technology advanced research group applying new methods of measuring and modeling of acoustical and mechanical systems for NHT, Acoustic Research and – Advent. Later he went on to become Head of R&D for MITek Corporation, responsible for a team of engineers in both USA and China.

Dan now is consulting for many brands across many categories within the audio community, both high end as well as car audio.

Over the years Dan has also be involved with Aerospace and Car OEM for i.e. Aston Martin, Land Rover and Ford. He has also designed headphone amps for several prestigious brands.

Dan currently is working on active loudspeaker systems incorporating the latest advancements in acoustics and DSP as well as several THX certified products. 


Lars has been part of the CE business since the late 80’ties and worked with high profile brands like JBL, Harman Kardon, Klipsch, Jamo and others. He held a Management position at Harman International 1990– 1999.

Lars has also been involved in manufacturing of the Danish high-end speaker components Peerless and later as sales director for Danish Sound Technologies.

The last decade he has been partner and President for Miller & Kreisel (M&K Sound), delivering some of the finest audio solutions for professional recording studios and premium Home Theaters. 


New goes live​

First 5 star review from USA

Signing Distribution agreement for USA

Top Pick Award S7t, Residential Systems USA

Global visual identity is set


Establishing PERLISTEN International and management team

Advertising and product review China

Second wave of designs and THX certifications

Commence production of i.e. S7t and D215s

Trademarks and patents registrations

PERLISTEN and THX partnering at Shanghai SAIV HiFi show goes live

World’s first THX Dominus products (6) certified

Confirmation of product designs and acoustic signature


THX goal defined

Advanced R&D and definition of acoustic directions

Join Venture with high end manufacturing group

Official definition and PERLISTEN birthday April 2016