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Meet Perlisten's New S7t Limited Edition Tower

"Now we're witnessing an audio giant in the making"

AV Nirvana – The home theater industry needs more of this


Todd Anderson

The home theater industry needs more of this. Limited edition, specialized runs that cater to the wants and needs of a subset of enthusiasts

We recently saw a great example from McIntosh Labs, giving Dead Heads a fun limited product to enjoy. And now we’re witnessing an audio giant in the making, Perlisten, do it with a high-end speaker run that 50 lucky audio fans will welcome into their homes sometime this fall.

Two years ago, Perlisten launched its stately S7t and the full S-Series, and it’s been a downhill run ever since. To say that Dan Roemer and his team have a good thing going would be an understatement. There’s seemingly nothing – and I mean nothing – that Perlisten can do wrong. They’ve quickly built a level of brand cache that’s quite astonishing, having rapidly integrated themselves into top demo rooms with brands like Storm Audio and Dirac. And they have professional reviewers showering praise from all angles.

Things really couldn’t look better for the company

Perlisten’s latest announcement, the S7t Limited Edition floorstander, isn’t something that will satisfy everyone. For one, the speaker’s price tag ($30,000 per pair) is a rather stout gatekeeper. And, of course, the mere fact that only 100 units (50 pairs) are being made means that some would-be owners might find themselves on the outside looking in. But those roadblocks shouldn’t snuff admiration or stifle appreciation because it appears that Perlisten is shooting for the moon… and that ultimately makes for trickle-down technologies that the masses will enjoy further down the road. In many respects, this is a win-win-win situation, where Perlisten, audio elites, and normal folk all can smile and bask in the glow of the situation.

The S7t Limited Edition will be crafted at the company’s headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, using a laundry list of updated parts. The speaker’s woofers will feature an increased linear excursion for lowered inductance and even deeper low-end output hitting to 20Hz. All three transducers in the DPC-Array will be coupled to a massive aluminum heatsink for improved power handling and reduced thermal compression. And the crossover is getting a top-to-bottom refresh with hand-selected components sorted to 1% tolerances.

According to Perlisten, CEO Dan Roemer enters the picture at the end of production, performing “final part values and pair matching to 0.5dB” as part of a certification process meant to deliver the best. And to add a layer of confidence, Perlisten says it will measure each individual speaker with a Kippel nearfield scanner, with results passed along to the customer.

Signing, certifying, and serializing each unit is a cherry on top that allows each speaker to flex an aura of handcrafted audio-laden machismo.

According to Perlisten’s CSO, Lars Johansen: “The S7t Limited Edition represents something extraordinary, introducing new dimensions to our global presence within the audio industry. Each individual component has been optimized, and the enclosures have been updated with radiused Carbon Fiber over HDF side panels. Simply stated, the Limited Edition stands as our masterpiece, bringing new kudos to the Perlisten team.”

Sounds like a winner, eh? If you have the means and the need for new gear, reach out to your local dealer and get on the list. And, if you could, bookmark this article and return this fall to tell us how incredible your new friends sound. I can assure you, we’ll be eager to read what you have to say…

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