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Chapter 2 – S7t Limited Edition

We've been keeping a secret – read more about the World Premiere of the PERLISTEN™ S7t Limited Edition

World Premiere – S7t Limited Edition


MAY, 2023

  • Emotional Connection and Discovery through Perceptual Listening.
  • Perceptualized and engineered at PERLISTEN HQ in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Reduced inductance, increased linear excursion and low frequency capability.
  • Crossover components hand-sorted to 1% tolerances.
  • Each speaker pair and crossover hand-matched to 0.5dB.
  • Custom PERLISTEN isolation/damping system for stability and vibration isolation.


Innovative evolution

Now, a mere two years after the launch of the iconic S7t and the full S-Series, the PERLISTEN™ engineering team takes another giant step forward in sonic excellence.

The world premiere takes place at the High End exhibition and can be experienced at Audio Reference booth Atrium 3.1 room D111.

The suggested retail price is $30.000 (per pair) for the S7t Limited Edition. The all-new S7t Limited Edition will be engineered and perceptualized at PERLISTEN headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Each speaker will be hand-matched and certified by PERLISTEN CEO Dan Roemer.

The exclusive production run will be strictly limited to only 100 manufactured units – The 50 pairs will be distributed worldwide in the Fall of 2023. Each individual speaker will be numbered, signed and personalized for a truly unique owner experience.

PERLISTEN CSO Lars Johansen proudly announces “The S7t Limited Edition represents something extraordinary, introducing new dimensions to our global presence within the audio ­industry. Each individual component has been optimized and the enclosures have been updated with radiused Carbon Fiber over HDF side panels. Simply stated, the Limited Edition stands as our masterpiece, bringing new kudos to the PERLISTEN team.”

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Established by audiophile engineers with extensive experience at some of the world’s most ­respected audio companies, PERLISTEN distinguishes itself by implementing proprietary ­designs and technologies that enhance the listening experience, bringing home theater to a level typically associated with leading movie theaters across the globe. PERLISTEN’s global footprint encompasses the company’s R&D and management team based in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Contact, CSO Lars Kragh Johansen

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