THX Certified Dominus in-wall speakers - PERLISTEN® Audio

Eight new things to Put in your walls

Taking a major step forward, expanding the product offering with two completely new in-wall speaker series

Introducing an in-wall family built like no other, extruded aluminum back boxes 4 mm thick with the quality of an amplifier chassis, and then lined with a bituminous damping layer to damp vibrations in the enclosure. Fully sealed for consistent frequency response and designed to greatly reduce sound leakage into neighboring rooms while keeping the sound inside your home theater where it belongs. Utilizing the same drivers and technologies as the in-room speakers, providing the same great sound quality you have come to expect from PERLISTEN.

We welcome the S-Series & R-Series in-wall speakers to the PERLISTEN family.

Listen up!

Besides our immersive sound – our in-wall speakers will be even more immersive in the walls of your home cinema

Heres some of the key features of the new in-wall speaker series

Shallow 4” self-enclosed aluminum cabinet with bituminous damping layer to ensure consistent control of frequency response

Frame less magnetic grilles, ready to paint to suit any home interior designs

Patent-pending Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) waveguide to accurately control vertical and horizontal dispersion

All models utilizing our own proprietary driver design and manufactured in-house

S-Series featuring Beryllium tweeter and our exclusive TPCD carbon fiber ultra-lightweight domes

True acoustic timbre matching across the entire product series

Razor sharp crossover designs featuring high grade component with ultra-low tolerances

R-Series in-wall speakers

A-series is only available in specific geographical markets. Please contact your local dealer or distributors.