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So well-engineered that they hardly have any weaknesses

"These might just be the best in terms of vocals just being perfect. I’m so stunned that I can’t stop talking about it. I won’t stop talking about it."

So well-engineered that they hardly have any weaknesses


James Larson

I will briefly go over the strengths and weaknesses of the product under review, and, as always, I will start with the weaknesses. Historically, Perlisten products are so well-engineered that they hardly have any weaknesses, and that remains true for the R7t speakers. But speakers of this build quality and finish quality will always have the catch of being pricey. There is no way to build something like this cheaply, so the expensive pricing is not something that can be fairly held against them. $10k for a speaker pair is a tremendous amount of money for most people, but that is not out of reach for a determined middle-class audiophile, and in my estimation, you do get $10k worth of speakers, so the R7ts are not overpriced in the slightest. However, their pricing places them out of reach for a lot of people, sadly. It’s a shame because I am sure that the sound that these things can make would blow a lot of people away. One thing I would like to see from Perlisten is a more utilitarian version of these speakers that does away with all of the luxury flourishes and just focuses on those components that further sound performance.

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