The best bang that there is - PERLISTEN® Audio

Highly recommended

PERLISTEN has lightning in a bottle here. Pure unadulterated audio-Everclear. Reviewed by Carlo Lo Raso and the verdic is highly recommended.

The best bang that there is


By Carlo Lo Raso,
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

Perlisten is looking to make a statement with its products, and after spending some time with this review system, l can unequivocally say that Perlisten has succeeded. Big time! In summation, a major advance in the science of speaker design has been demonstrated by Perlisten. Bravo. If you are searching for Best-Bang-for-the-Buck, then please look elsewhere. If you are searching for Best-Bang-That-There-Is, then you should search these Perlisten speakers out immediately and take a listen. Highly recommended for anyone considering an end-game system!

Worlds first certified THX Dominus 5.2 surround system awarded product of the year 2021, Thanks to Secrets of Home Theater.

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A-series is only available in specific geographical markets. Please contact your local dealer or distributors.