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Perlisten S7t Limited Edition Speaker Livestream Event!

"Double perfection: As a voluminous compact speaker, the R5m closes the portfolio gap in Perlisten's Reference series - and scores with the perfect radiation"

Audioholics Interview



Don’t miss Audioholics interview with CEO Dan Roemer from June 8.

“Perlisten’s S7t is already an incredible speaker, but the new S7t Limited Edition pushes the state of the art even further forward. Limited to 50 pairs worldwide, this exclusive speaker features a new woofer, a revised crossover, more internal volume cabinet with curved carbon fiber side panels, and custom isolation feet from IsoAcoustics.

We are joined by Perlisten CEO, Dan Roemer so he can give us the inside look into this amazing new speaker. Dan will showcase an actual pair for us to see as well as the inner workings. Also welcome our new channel partner Dreamedia who is an authorized Perlisten dealer”.

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