The art of emotional connection and discovery through perceptual listening©

PERLISTEN speakers transcend the room, remove the walls, and take you to that place where it’s only you and the music… That’s Perceptual Listening.

They are the perfect fusion of science, technology, and aesthetics because every PERLISTEN speaker is designed by our engineers in the USA with the best components to produce infinitesimal levels of distortion.

Are these endgame?

Over the last month Audioholics have been visiting our team in the USA. They have been trained, listened and much more. Last week, they had S7t for testing in their own demo room. The conclusion is this test. And it could not be better.

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THX is back!

Jiles provides a wonderful interview of our very own Lars Johansen who has a fascinating and storied background in the Audio world.

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The highest rating is as challenging
as climbing Mount Everest

You were once sonically lost
Now you have been found

You were once sonically lost
Now you have been found


When only the best
is good enough

or just good?