Introducing the all-new R-series Subwoofers - PERLISTEN® Audio

Introducing the all-new R Series subwoofers

We’ve developed a lineup of single driver-based subwoofers

Introducing the all-new R-series Subwoofers


Lars Johansen, Perlisten Audio

R-Series – introducing the all-new subwoofers

Trickle down technology from our flagship D-Series, we’ve developed a lineup of single driver-based subwoofers. 750W – 1000W smart amp design. iOS and Android app, a 2.4” TFT touchscreen, all controlled by the touch of a finger. Ground up new driver designs. Glass fiber composite diaphragms, multiple aluminum shorting rings, massive magnets, multi-layer Nomex spiders and lightweight aluminum voice coil wire are just some the key ingredients.

Meet us at High End in Munich 9-12th of May 2024 and experience our lineup of R-series subwoofers!

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A-series is only available in specific geographical markets. Please contact your local dealer or distributors.