THX Dominus power with audiophile signature? - PERLISTEN® Audio

THX Dominus power with audiophile signature?

Brand-new online review from Shane Lee. A cool in-depth review of our EISA award D215s, dual 15” 3000W Push Pull subwoofer.

THX Dominus power with audiophile signature?

Mad Audio has looked a our S4b speakers and said:
“With a stellar team, that has many years of experience, with high-profile brands including JBL, Harman Kardon, Klipsch, Jamo and others, the young brand Perlisten is ready to dominate the world of consumer audio with more than 20 products designed in the US and produced in the Far East. With proprietary futuristic technologies like DPC (DIRECTIVITY PATTERN CONTROL – Patent Pending) and a THX Dominus certification, today I present the S4b Bookshelf speaker.”

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Dual-driver sub dives deep

“There’s enough power and bass extension here to give you concussion, but once your head clears you’ll also be impressed by this dynamic sub’s precision and accuracy”

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