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Over the past months, Audioholics have visited our team in the USA for product training, listening and much more. They have tested S7t in their own demo room. The review appears here. And it could not be better.

Are these endgame?

“You can spend more money on loudspeakers than these, but I’m not sure that there are any significant gains to be had in terms of sound quality.”

Perlisten Audio is a new high-end loudspeaker company that is set to make their mark in the speaker marketplace. Of course, there are a lot of high-end loudspeaker manufacturers, so any newcomer has to do something to set themselves apart in this crowded segment. The people behind Perlisten know this, and they aren’t out to make some high-end loudspeakers as a generic business idea. They are veteran audio engineers with decades of experience behind them who are garnering their collective knowledge to make the finest loudspeakers that they know how. They are pulling out every trick in the book to make the speakers that they would want to own: a loudspeaker engineer’s loudspeaker. Needless to say, that ought to add up to one heck of a speaker. In for review today is just that speaker: the Perlisten S7t, their flagship speaker and the primary beneficiary of their cumulative design experience.

The question these speakers pose is what does all that engineering experience and knowledge add up to? Surely, this is a serious speaker, but what can you do that hasn’t already been done a hundred times over? There are countless high-end speaker companies with all kinds of designs from straightforward and conventional to bizarre and even preposterous. Where does the S7t fit in all of this? What do you get if you buy a pair of these not-inexpensive speakers at nearly $8k each? Let’s dig in to find out…


  • Extremely accurate tonality
  • Tremendously wide dynamic range
  • Optimal listening height works well for many different situations
  • Great for near-field or far-field listening
  • Outstanding directivity control
  • Neat-looking speaker
  • Excellent build quality


  • High cost makes them inaccessible for many people

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