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A super standmount… on steroids


Nick Tate

Stand and deliver!

Nick Tate auditions Perlisten’s punchy-sounding R5m loudspeaker – one of the biggest standmounts going

There are several things that mark out this loudspeaker as special, not least its physical proportions. The RSm is an imposing standmount that, when on its optional stands, is considerably taller than most similarly priced floorstanders. Its other distinguishing feature is the fact that it uses multiple drive units; it’s a three-way design with no Jess than five drivers – more of which later.

It forms part of Perlisten’s middle­range R series, and is described as a’monitor’. It certainly has the look of something that you might see in a recording studio . The R series is a value-oriented version of the company’s flagship S range. It’s a totally bespoke design with no drive units bought-in off the shelf.

lnto its tall (for a standmount) cabinet is set Perlisten’s Directivity Pattem Control (DPC) array, which comprises a single central 26mm silk dorne tweeter set into a waveguide, with small midrange dornes sitting immediately above and below.

The company’s Chief Technology Officer Erik Wiederholtz explains that these three work in unison from 1.3kHz to about 3kHz, above which the central tweeter handles all frequencies up to 20kHz and beyond.

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