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10 OUT OF 10 ON the D15s

Perlisten Audio D15s Subwoofer Review by AVForums - Matthew Eisengruber

10/10 on the D15s


Matthew Eisengruber

Perlisten Audio D15s Subwoofer Review

This subwoofer was probably one of the most fun for me to review to date. It can be nuanced or straight up startling. The intelligent amplifier tech with its ARM processor is both technically impressive and useful toward the listening experience. Its ability to pressurise the room was uncanny and its tactile feedback made me question whether one would need anything else, i.e. a hoverboos or buttkicker, for that vibrate your chair feeling.

As with all subwoofers, you really need to demo it in the space in which it will be used as the room remains the biggest influence to the subwoofer’s performance. However, even in my challenged space, I found it impressive. Then you have the company themselves, clearly engineering based but with a sharp focus on the customer experience. The build quality is ace. Whilst the Perlisten D15s remains outside my personal spend cap, if I had the dosh I would have no regret in purchasing it. For this, it comes easily recommended… but that isn’t a category. Best In Class it is.


Should I buy one?
If cost is a lesser concern, you should definitely shortlist this subwoofer. I maintain the stance that a subwoofer cannot beat any room into submission when it comes to quality low frequency sound. There simply is too much interaction; however, the capability of this subwoofer means that it will make the best out of whatever situation you put it in.

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