Winner of EISA Awards - PERLISTEN® Audio

What an accomplishment

Winner of
EISA Awards

Perlisten Audio took first place in key categories, with the Perlisten S loudspeaker series crowned EISA Loudspeaker Series of the Year 2022-2023 and the Perlisten D215s subwoofer elected EISA Home Theatre Subwoofer of the Year 2022-2023.

This sub drops deep and slams hard

This sub drops deep and slams hard

A flagship subwoofer engineered to deliver a reference-grade performance in a large cinema space – and certified THX Dominus – Perlisten’s D215s sounds as purposeful and powerful as it looks. Featuring two custom-made 15in bass drivers in a force- cancelling configuration, propelled by a 3000W amplifier stage, it’s arguably no surprise this sub drops deep and slams hard. What’s perhaps more remarkable is the control and accuracy it brings to movie soundmixes and music material, traits that prove the quality of Perlisten’s cabinet design and application of advanced DSP. App-based parametric EQ and operation, comprehensive connections and a smart colour touchscreen display are further reasons to adore this premium bass-maker.

Not just good.
But best.

out of the blocks

A high-end range comprising five models. Key to its impeccable sound quality is the bespoke Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) array, a nest of beryllium tweeter and carbon-ply midrange domes that’s precision engineered for controlled dispersion and pin-point imaging. A feature on all the speakers, from the range-topping S7t floorstander through monitor, centre channel, standmount and height/surround options, Perlisten’s DPC brings exceptional levels of detail and nuance to movies and music, and is underpinned by rock-solid lows from custom bass drivers. Lush looks and outstanding build quality make this series even more of a winner.

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