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"One has to ask - how do you improve upon this?"

Read Lee's braindump of info relating to brands at Yorkshire AV

Back from Munich


Lee Proctor

Read Lee’s braindump of info relating to brands at Yorkshire AV

Wow – what a week!

I’ve just got back from the High End Munich audio show – a trade show for 2 days and then a public showing of new release products from manufacturers globally.

This is an amazing show and if you ever get the opportunity – please book in. You’ll see the good, the bonkers, the bad and the ugly all under one roof! The food and beverages locally aren’t bad either!

Whilst there – I attended a lot of new brands to Yorkshire AV as well as developed our relationship and product offering with our current suppliers too.

Perlisten S7t Limited Edition

Watch the trailer video by clicking here.

So this announcement came somewhat out of the blue – a new limited edition speaker of the largest, flagship product from Perlisten the S7t.

S series speakers are already exceptional as far as sonic performance, in-room response, finish and completeness of the range is concentred. Utilising Perlisten’s unique DPC (directivity pattern control) which controls dispersion of mid/high frequencies via a mid-tweet-mid module, Perlisten created a product with the S series which features a Beryllium tweeter and dual TPCD (thin ply carbon diaphragm) midrange units and carbon fibre woofers, all with a strong magnet system and incredible cabinet design to create a solid, high performing loudspeaker for 2 channel HiFi and AV use.

One has to ask – how do you improve upon this?

Well – I was fortunate to spend 30-40 mins with Dan Roemer (CEO and designer of Perlisten) on the launch day plus a few hours opposite him at dinner the next evening talking product roadmap, innovation, plans for the future etc.

In short – there was a lot of learning on the S series and already, they know what they would need to do to improve further the range but like all things with R&D and production, you have to draw the line somewhere to launch a product.

The S7t limited edition speaker is Perlisten flexing their brain power and releasing some of that learning into a no-compromise product.

Some of the highlights:

  • isoAcoustics GAIA feet designed specifically for the S7t are incorporated into the design
  • A heavier 20mm aluminium base plate to make the speakers even heavier
  • The sidewall of the original speaker has been opened up internally to give an extra 8% volume with a new curved carbon fibre skin – adding width and a different profile to the speaker cabinet
  • A new CNC aluminium DPC which mounted to it is the totally redesigned and high performance crossover
  • A new woofer design with an extra 20% output (linearity) with lower distortion and greater output – giving 20hz + performance to this incredible speaker
  • Limited to 50 pairs worldwide
  • Dan Roemer (CEO) personally picks, matches and calibrates each pair before signing them by hand on their way out.
  • Improved speaker terminal design – the outputs are HUGEI was delighted to conclude the first sale of these speakers whilst in the room with the team and have a few more pairs reserved for my customers. If you are interested – please let me know via return email and I’ll get in touch to get your interest registered, a 50% deposit taken and a build slot ready. Shipping will be later this year (October – December) is what we understand currently so plenty of time to get your funds sorted out.

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